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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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all my heart. >> when i think of the mission think of beauty and the colorf colorfulness. >> and people drinking in the sidewalks and guy is always asking for change and doing crack and i walk with my kids. >> and i see the beautiful architecture. >> and the drug abuse and dirty city and blocks. >> and all different cultures and everyone brings something t share. >> and there is always garbage there and it stinks. >> you see incredible art and venues that are creative. >> if they aren't drawing on th
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walls and doing it on the glass walls of people's businesses. >> and working class and the character of the mission and th mom and pop streets and feel like your in latin america. >> and it's a drug dealing center and no man's land and anybody can deal the drugs. >> i like the community spirit here and the diversity and i wa accepted a gay man. >> and it's been a parolee dumping ground and we release them with no supervision. >> this neighborhood has a history of fighting for social injustice. >> at the end of may we have a incredible festival and the biggest ethnic event and
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carnival san francisco and bri brings the biggest festival on the west coast and the art's community at its finest that d day. >> welcome to san francisco's district nine, a land of great beaty and conflicts and transactions and and drunks and bangers and old timers and junkies and *erbgs tende tend e look for housing and a place to park and this is much of the mission area and today's show will focus on the mission and let's look at the district's young people and efforts to kee kids out of trouble. >> this is so complex and no
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many pressures and the youth is growing up and part of the pressure is from the adults and they aren't home when the kids come home from school and there is no role model and the yowkt doesn't want to go home and the want to stay there in the neutral space and began gangs a crossing the boundary lines and youth center kids can be safe and kids and important thing to actually be kids and have opportunitys in a safe place to have employment opportunities and role models, and good nutrition also. >> when kids are 12 and 13 they are not thinking about doing damage to people but rather pl play. >> as far as open places and parks in san francisco and the
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mission has no not 33 percent a do the kids play. >> i am able to work with the activists in the mission and coordinate it all and we have this which is under used and we did a partnership with buena vista school and gar field park has a swimming pool and we want to bring that up to par and it' important for families and we have ground cover for the socce games and the big deal is rec rigz forecreation for the kids will hang out on the corner and they have nothing to do and we're trying to increase the number of recreation centers
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here and work with after school programs andful having the community and i think we have done a lot but we have more to do. >> our philosophy is it's easie to work with youth before they get into gangs and we have programming and youth into positive experiences and provid job opportunities and make sure they have somebody they can tal to and what is effecting them and bring youths together and create leadership groups and they can talk to each other about the ares affecteing them and do things about the ares an they would come to us in the after school program and are gang involved and it's our job to make sure it's neutral area and get them involved and they are understanding the choices they make in a supportive environment. >> we are providing a sense of
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home and community and which is why youths decide to join the programs. >> there is not enough places o programs and this is one of the heavily populated places for kids in the city and we need more opportunities for the kids. >> we do have some good program here that go through a cycle of being defunded and the outreach programs have been proven to be successful and it mainly has to do with taking prior gang members who can relate to the issues that these young people are dealing with, and try to push them on the right path. >> if television news is your only source of information abou district nine you might look at the times and shootings are the
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daily case and it's not the cas and let's talk to the citizen and efforts to combat violence and crime. >> the problem of the drug abusers and the people that sel drugs to them as famous as anything in the mission distric and it's a parolee dumping ground and we spend incredible sums keeping them looked up and they go to certain areas and mission and 16th is one of them. >> mission and 16th is a challenging area and we are abl in working with supervisor daly and we were able to get a r resource center for the homeles and marshal school on board in terms of parent participation. we're master leasing a lot of the sro, and hotels and housing
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for people and getting treatmen and again we're trying to work with 28 clean to keep that area clean and we work with bart officials to keep that station open and safe andñi make sure t vendors are protected there and we didn't want it all chained. >> and all the police and call the number and transferred to another number and spend 20 minutes just to tell them "can you come by and tell the people to move on". >> we know about the crimes and the police know where they happen, but it's up to the authorities to prosecute. they have a tendency -- they might book them and release the and do it again and don't prosecute and theyñr happen ove and over again. >> and the merry go round and
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the police say we can arrest them but they will be out befor i complete the paperwork and th da will say we have to prioritize and the sheriff says the jail is full and what's the point and this morning we heard the police say it's the judges being too lean iant. >> and hold the judge accoun accountable and you will not be reelect interested wreelected a a criminal caught in the missio is to appear in court and come up with a list of somebody and i'm from the mission and i'm here to make sure this judge is actually not going to release this guy in my neighborhood again and put him in jail or creative and do something else. they used to have work camp in
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san mateo county and you would plant grounds and if there was place to send these people that was removed from all the temptations and issues and problems in the first place tha we might actually get somewhere on the long standing issue. >> when district hit it hit hard and kids with suv's an money and pricey restaurants an the citizens fought back and th economy slowed down and many of the effects still hit the neighborhood and especially wit the high cost of housing. >> the mission ig and the surrod surrounding areas and the dot comrevolution and people were
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moving in and displacing families and the work phenomeno and unmission and unfamily friendly and at city hall we're not sympathetic to the plight. >> most of the businesses we serve are local serving businesses and they serve the population of the mission. their products and services are accessible to our low income families. there is the food vendors and the restaurants and the shops that take care of the local population and price points are accessible and they have small profit margins and no rent control and when there is a large jump in the rent it's difficult for the merchants to stay in business. and there was about 30 businesses that had been about for average of 15 to 20 years
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and they were all evicted and some could not find new space i san francisco and some went to east bay and some left the area and some went out of business. >> and all these families movin here had to move to out lying areas and city hall knowing about the money the businesses will bring but created a co confrontation between the residents and the new people an no preparation and you didn't know about gentification until you got a notice to leave and you have three months. >> and it was a constant battle watching the people evicted and they were going to build office space and that process happened so quickly and things built
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every single week and hundreds of those and they were made for studios and one bedrooms and no made for families in the missio and not affordable. >> in the 90's and neighborhood in san francisco became very gent if riified. >> and why are you compliening about this? and my response is there is a cost to this and working families that lived in the same block or same area and their rents go up and forced to move out and their kids don't go to san francisco schools anymore and i think we should be very vigilant about it in the missi mission. >> and lots of single family homes and split up to be able t pay the rent and no parks and people come all over to come to
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the mission. >> and you see people in the neighborhood that don't have a sense of what the community is about and it's a real challenge for us. >> this was a community before and san francisco was a community and today the population of 750,000 and 75 75 percent o35 35 percent is bo else and when you are here you're in san francisco and thi isn't where you came from and this is another place and san francisco lost some of its hea heart. >> and it's our job that all people are welcomed into the neighborhood and all people hav opportunities in the neighborhood. >> we are as a community center really looking at these new families moving in as people that need to learn and sort of be given a sense of community. >> people that come to san francisco have that dream to purchase a house in san francisco and stay in the
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vicinity and the mission and ha programs to help people and we have been successful in helping people and it's still a struggl and the gap is ever widening because of the housing prices i san francisco and hopefully tha will change with the new housin policy. >> and a lot of the work we do is providing services to low income families and that is anywhere from providing meals t seniors to after school program for the youth and the corn ston is housing and we feel that providing housing and services is really addressing a lot of the issues and giving something back to the community. >> if it wasn't for activists that got together and said ther should be policies that really looked at communities, and looked at what was beneficial for communities and helped people to navigate and everyone
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has a place in san francisco. >> with the new administration and district elections we were able to do significant changes in planning codes and zoning an displace the tide of the displacement and now we're doin damage control and the damage that was done because of the do comboom and how do you have mixed light industry and a housing that is affordable and have housing two and three bedrooms and make it family friendly. a lot of this has to do with negotiations with developers an the planning development and getting them to be more responsive to neighborhood need and not just developers needs. we have changed the composition of the planning commission and supervisors do get appointments as well and trying to weed out the corruption and no projects and development can go fourth
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unless they a by by the incl incluationary housing. >> and people are still comes into the neighborhood and it's coming back and higher wages an people need two or three jobs t survive in san francisco. >> start nothing th starting in artists were drawn to this area and what is the state of art in the post dot com area. >> one of the things during thi time and many of the artives were evicted from their reasonably priced studios and lot ofs and that was a real shame because they were struggling. >> the mission has always had artists and we have a public canvas and the buildings have
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beautiful expressions and what the world has to offer and help clean up the alleys. >> and the artist community is important and they contribute a lot and they have been neglecte economically as well as sometim not given legitimateacy they deserve and my office worked with various artist groups and we have funding for the art's task force and we want to look at the hotel tax and we feel there is a disproportionate amount goes to the bigger guys and we want to make sure the artists have a roof over their head and health care and if you look at district nine and ten and most under served in the city and z particularly working with earth. >> in the united states ant
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antiimmigrant is the fad and sa francisco and we enjoy the diversity of the great city and although we are a sanctuary cit many fine difficulties in finding work and a place to li live. >> and i was coming to the mission and because of the latino population and i spoke n english and i spout it wa thoug would be easier if i had those people around me. >> and this is one of the oldes law centers and it was organize in the 70's for the growing nee of legal services and particularly by the spanish speenspeaking immigrant communi and right now the most serious
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problem among latino workers is nonpayment of wages and injurie on the job and discrimination and those are huge issues and the lack of living wage jobs an the san francisco program has been around for 15 years now an provided a critical service to the community in the city and the gentleman on the corners an waiting for employers to pick them up. >> most are immigrants from mexico and central america and come here to work and picked up people that need a basement or attic to be cleans or lawn to b cleaned and people in the construction business that don' want to hire permanent employe employees. >> the housing situation is primary concern and people we work with now and living on the streets and under bridges and access to affordable accesable .
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this is no subsidized housing for immigrants. >> our mission is to empower th community and we do that by job services and job reafer referra traitraining. >> and the problem was the landlords didn't like them in front of their homes and some o the narcoti neighbors were supp drinking and gambling outside and awe nuisance to the landlor and they approached the police department to have them move on and not stand there looking for a job. >> a mierjit minority of neighb complain about the location of the site and many of these neighbors complain about the presence of day laborers and it's a class struggle and it's
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about the rights of these work workers and by the way courts have deemed they have a right t stand there and have employers pick them up. what we advocate and any social problems and having people on the streets like you have on many neighborhoods in the city and trash and lack of bathrooms and you resolve them by bringin the parties to the table; that all parties be treated equal with a equal voice including da laborers. >> we have a new comer immigran population and we want to make sure there is health access and so called undocumented people and my office works closely wit immigrant right's groups and to provide service and access and the newly passed health legislation that i authored and help with the mayor's office that is not a criteria and you do not have to be a citizen and
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nobody asked you. >> before we conclude district nine let's talk to the resident about their plans for the futu future. >> we want to work and clean up the mission corridor and more open space and more recreation programs and work with the schools which i always enjoy doing and making sure the libraries are what they should be. >> i think the attention for affordable housing in this administration and from the mayor and the board of supervisors has been encouragin and the recognition of the necessity of employment program and kind of early prevention programs for the youth. >> and we're currently working with several nonprofits and developing the mission and it's a incredible governmen gift to from the levi strauss foundati foundation. >> and we started with one part
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time person and four counselors and soon have a antipredatory coordinator. the mission is a gateway for immigrants and most of the i imgrajimmigrants that come to t district have entrepreneur url spirit and that's part of the work and what the responsibilities are. their permits and licenses they will need and really how to loo at their profit and loss and determine what their real incom will be and we do a business an marketing plan for them and we assist them in the running of their businesses. >> this is the district and success story in many other localities and in san francisco it's been slow getting off the ground and union square is able to hire folks in order to
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provide uniformed guides that make the shopping insuranc expe much better and you have able t accept plement the services for keeping the streets clean and respond to graffiti quicker and marketing. >> and we are sitting in it as we speak and it's one of the only ones in the business district of san francisco and the other is union square and fisherman's wharf is one and mission is only one block and trying to improve things on our own but we could use the city resources to get things done. >> i hope that city hall begins to see what they need to do to help us, and be a bit more -- not just approachable, but responsible for the entire city. >> i think we are making great
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advances with the parks that have been neglected over many years and still we have a way t go obviously and the other is the planning process and we are on the verge of permanent controls for the mission district and the dot com boom and whatever form it takes in the future and will not result in that di displacement and particularly for families here long time. >> the mission brings wonderful memories and to me i see hope every time i walk down the street and think about the mission and think about the wonderful things here and the growth and the sustainablity an the families and the culture an so many wonderful things and they shouldn't wokous focus on they see the mission is.
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>> they seen the carnivals and the high rent and poverty faced by the residents and we met som of the committed people working to make things better in san francisco's district nine and hope you enjoyed the journey an until next time i am jennifer love and nairchg thanks for wat. >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> so are you going out tonight? i can't. my parents say i have to be home right after work. ugh. that's so gay. totally gay.
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